Living with Twins

Rachael Oxley, journalist

Harper Goldy, freshman lives with three sisters in her household. Two of them are twins. Harper said, “They make my life worse times two.” The twins are both eight years old now and fraternal. “I was very disappointed when they came out,”says Goldy. Mia has thin, straight bleach blond hair, and Kya struggles to maintain her brown and natural curly hair. Harper complained that, “It’s too curly and my mom hates brushing it.” With twin sisters their is obviously a big responsibility especially as Harper is the oldest. When asked on her chores with them she stated, “ Homework with them is like trying to teach a fish how to climb a tree.” Although Harper has her complaints she did admit that Kya acts a lot like her when she was younger, although Mia is the exact opposite. Goldy says, “She just has a huge attitude for an eight year old, but her TikTok’s make me laugh.” So although at times living with twins is hard, it can be hilarious.