Selling Ads In The Yearbook

Aj Tolbert, Reporter

Every year, students are required to sell ads in the yearbook. One person that is excelling at selling ads this year is Chase Blower. So far he has sold $1600 worth of ads. I talked with him and asked how he was so successful.

He said he knows business tactics because his mother and father both work in the business field and he grew up around it. He also mentioned that he is a smooth talking machine. His most recent ad sale was to 84 Lumber for one hundred seventy five dollars. He continues to sell and lead the way to buy ads for the yearbook.

He is currently number one in all the yearbook classes. He is projected to sell over $2000. He said his main tactic for selling ads is calling different businesses. After he calls them, he contacts them again if they are interested.

People who are taking yearbook in the future or are currently in the yearbook should take notes so they can be as successful as Chase. I hear people every year about people struggling to sell an ad. With the tactics he uses, it can be easy to sell just one ad.