Sept. 6 Football Game


Morgan Nelson, Reporter

Football games become a big deal when the season starts, especially if there are themes to the games. This past week’s football game was a huge win for Cabell Midland.

The score was fifty-five to thirteen, and the game was against Parkersburg. The game started out as Parkersburg winning but it started to shift into our favor.

“The game was phenomenal and I really enjoyed it,” said senior Whitney Herrera. “I thought that the theme was fun and very interesting and the student section was spiriting.”

“The student section was so enthusiastic and really crowded,” said Herrera. “The student section was full of people who dressed up and their costumes were really good. I saw a full on shark costume and two guys with coconut bras (both had shirts on) on and one of the guys had a grass skirt on as well, but of course they had a pair of shorts on under the skirts. I also saw some girls wearing grass and/or leaf skirts with some leis and matching ankle bracelets and headbands along with matching bracelets. It was truly one of my best times with my friends and at a football game period. I don’t think that it can be beat.”

Football games can and are great for hanging with friends or just to see a football game.