Football Game Themes

Amber Mount, Reporter

Football season is back at Cabell Midland and you know what that means, football game themes!

The seniors picked out all the themes for this year and I think everyone loves them.

Our very first game at Saint Albans was frat themed and everyone dressed up accordingly; it was great.

For our first home game at the castle: a beach theme. Even though it’s getting close to fall, I think the beach theme is a very creative idea. We haven’t had one like it in a while.

For the game against Spring Valley it will be a USA theme game. Everyone should easily be able to participate in this theme.

For the Hurricane game it will be a space theme and I am personally very excited for this. You can dress up so crazy!

Against Capitol, we have the annual neon theme which is always so much fun.

For the game against Riverside it’s blackout for breast cancer awareness and it’s always amazing to participate in.

Against Princeton we will have our camp/ country theme which I’m sure many are excited for.

For the game against Woodrow Wilson it will be throwback. This is a theme i believe we have never done and it should turn out great!

Against Huntington, we will have the Halloween theme and everyone is excited to dress up for that!

For our last game, against South Charleston, we will be doing the Midland theme. That is of course the best theme to end our football season with.

I’m going to miss the football games so much when I graduate. It’s always fun to be around your class cheering on your school.