Home Economics Classes in Midland?

Home Economics Classes in Midland?

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

In the past, high schools across the state held home economics classes, teaching students how to sew, cook, and build things to better prepare them for life after high school. Midland doesn’t have any classes like this required for students.

After polling 60 students, the numbers don’t lie:

50% of students have no idea how to sew anything and many students that do know only recently learned how to because their parents determined they should know.

20% of students do not believe they would be able to prepare an entire meal.

52% of students believe they could not build a table from scratch on their own if necessary.

Midland does have some engineering and woodworking classes as well as cooking and baking classes, however it doesn’t require them for all students so that they are more prepared for basic needs in life after graduation.

When asked, 72% of students believe that Midland should add home ec to the requirements for graduation to ensure everyone knows what to do in the future.

Personally, I only learned how to sew a month ago, I can’t cook an entire meal and I know it, and I could potentially build a table on my own, but I believe we should have home economics classes at Midland as a requirement to keep people prepared for the challenges they’ll face in life.