Sept 6 2019 Football Game


Whitney Herrera, Reporter

Cabell Midland Knights destroyed their opponents last Friday with a score of 55-15 against Parkersburg; their defeat phenomenal and the crowd went wild. This was the first game, personally, I’ve seen within the last year. Football games are major and require focus and strength.

To start it off, the game began with a bang. Friends and family were all welcomed to see the knights in action. Food, drinks, and an entertaining game all in one was a whole show, almost like Netflix. My first ever experience was blown away and I questioned why I haven’t went to any sooner. The best part about it was being there with your close friends and relatives, eating and chatting, enjoying the nice warm breeze. Can’t get any better right?

One thing that frightened most people was the accident that happened on the field with a student. He sprained his ankle but is recovering fine from this accident. The thing with football is, you have to know what the consequences are. You will get hurt, you will be tired and you will be a player out there for Midland on that field. it’s almost like a living dream but rougher and with the big boys around that you have to get along with. It’s all team spirit. But the most important thing about it is having fun. The game was legit and cheers to more wins with Cabell Midland….Knights!