Antonio Brown to the Patriots


Dean Neal, Reporter

On Saturday September 7, 2019 NFL Wide Receiver Antonio Brown was released by the Oakland Raiders, and signed by the New England Patriots after getting released. Antonio was released because of a controversial off-season and video that was uploaded to his Instagram on September 7.

The video was a phone call between Antonio and the Raiders’ coach, Jon Gruden. Even though Antonio set out the whole 2018-2019 NFL season, he still had to pay the Raiders $215,000 in fines.

He has been fined for missing pre-season training and practices. Brown’s new deal with the Patriots is worth 15 million dollars for 1 year and a nine million dollar raise. After the one year deal is over, Antonio Brown can sign a new deal worth $30 million. The Patriots’ players are loving Antonio and the Patriots decision to sign him.

Team captain Tom Brady says “He can live with me as he gets settled.” Brady also said “I’m 1000% in on the idea of him being on the team.”

With the addition of Brown, the Patriots have the number one chance of winning the Super Bowl. They overthrew the Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill,  as the number one team in the NFL. The Patriots had their first game over the weekend but Antonio couldn’t play yet, he will be ready to play for week two against the Miami Dolphins. Even without the presence of Brown, the Patriots still blew out the Steelers in their first game, by a score of 33-3. Antonio is happy that he’s on the Patriots and ready to put his controversial time with the Raiders behind him.