Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback


Meredith Mears , Reporter

Each and every year fashion is changing. There is always something new to be bringing to your closet. Honestly, it can be hard to keep up with the new trends. Not to mention, some trends are a blast from the past. Recent fashion trends that are starting to take off again are scrunchies and chokers. Although I don’t consider myself a fashionable person, it is still fun to see what’s hip and in style. I may not follow all of these fashion trends, but I do think that my sense of style does reflect my personality.

Flare Jeans- I am surprised that this is making a comeback. In the past, everyone was trying to find the tightest pants they could fit in. Flare jeans are loose at the bottom, almost like a bootcut type of style. Bell-bottoms have also made a comeback. I like this style, especially if they are paired with a cute pair of shoes. Since I have jumped on the skinny jean bandwagon, I feel like I could never go back to the flare style. Therefore, flare pants look better on others than me!

Long T-Shirts- I totally support this trend! Long t-shirts are comfy and versatile. With long t-shirts, you can wear them normally, tie a knot on the side, or even pair them with a belt (I wouldn’t though).  I will warn you, if you wear a long t-shirt and have a Hydroflask water bottle, you may be called a VSCO girl. You have been warned!

Bike Shorts- Bike shorts are basically leggings, but shorter. They are beneficial for when you want to wear leggings, but also want to be cooler.  You can exercise in them or even wear them under skirts or dresses. This trend was very big in the eighties, especially with the neon colors, and I am so glad it is coming back.

Rounded Glasses- This style was very popular in the 1920’s and lost its touch until the 1970’s when John Lennon brought them back for a short time. It was popular to get rectangular framed glasses, but now it is rounded glasses! Theses glasses will definitely give you the throwback look you are going for and will be trendy.

Clunky Sneakers- Adidas was famous for bringing back their classic sneakers. They brought back the all white shoe with three black stripes. Now clunky sneakers are coming back with full force. Brands like Yeezy and Gucci are contributing to this phenomenon. I will tell you though, you will not catch me in these shoes. They are simply not my style, but they might be yours.

Nonetheless, don’t ever feel like you have to follow these trends, they are just there for fun or to try something new! All I ask is that you enjoy what you wear and that you feel confident in your own clothes!