Brandon Stanely’s New Album

Kaden Salmons, Editor

On September 6, 2019 Cabell Midland graduate Brandon Stanley released his second album entitled, “Teenage Love Stories.” This album has seven songs that represent experiences in adolescence that are like no other. Or as Stanley put it, “very grown-up situations that most of us aren’t prepared for.”

Many people have been anticipating the moment when this album would actually be released as Stanley is rising in fame.

“I was so excited to hear his second album since his first was so good! It’s so amazing that someone I saw walking down the halls is now making great music,” said senior Lauren Carroll.

Although “Teenage Love Stories” is a great album to listen to, it also is easy to relate to. Many students in today’s time live their lives just as Stanley describes in the majority of his tracks. In the song, “I’m Not Made to Party,” the lyrics talk about how living the party life is not as important as being with the one you really want.

Carroll says, “This album truly speaks for our generation as a whole. Our tendencies and always feeling like you’re missing something with that special someone happens all the time.”

Stanley’s album is currently out on most of every music platform including Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. Make sure to listen to “Teenage Love Stories” today; you won’t be disappointed!