Navarino Bay


Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Food is one variable of life that brings people together. Experiencing different foods can open your mind to accept new ideas and enjoy life. Downtown Huntington has some of the most interesting cultural variety when it comes to restaurants. Options range from American, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern cuisines, and more.

In Huntington, The Market has many shops, stalls, and even restaurants. Navarino Bay is located in The Market on the second floor. The restaurant is focused on Greek gourmet. Your meal can consist of proper appetizers, entrées, and dessert to your preference. You can get a taste of the amazing Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), to fried Calamari. Ciabatta dishes, a Rack of Lamb, and of course Gyros are on the menu as well. Menu items include traditional pieces as well as modern foods to expand the customer’s knowledge of impactful dishes. The chef even prepares his own special recipes sometimes, such as homemade sauce from honey and blueberries for a sweet pastry made with Filo dough (pictured).

There are also feature dishes the restaurant advertises including Branzino (fish), and Greek frappe‘s. All dishes are arranged beautifully for presentation, and the pricing is not expensive for the quality of food. Whether you are searching for a formal dinner, or your pallet craves complex flavour; Navarino Bay is the perfect match for adventurous eaters.