Goodbye Summer

Hannah Tomes, Editor

Whether we like it or not summer is officially coming to an end and fall is right around the corner. However, there are lots of things to look forward to with the arrival of the fall season.

“I love fall weather and wearing sweaters and boots,” said senior Taylor Stevens.

Some people might miss the warm weather but it’s fun to bundle up once it gets chilly outside, and many people enjoy fall fashion. There’s also different kinds of foods that start to make a comeback, especially pumpkin flavored things.

“I like everything pumpkin flavored; pumpkin pie, lattes, ice cream, and cookies,” said Stevens.

There is a variety of pumpkin scented things available at Bath and Body Works now as well, like candles and lotion. And let’s not forget about all the festivities you can take part in during the fall season!

“One thing I love to do during fall is carve pumpkins. I also love how there’s Fall Fest, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all in one season,” said Stevens.