Summer Senior Pictures


Jessica Kidd

Senior Pictures Taken at Dollywood are Some of my Favorite Pictures of Myself!

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

Every year, seniors take the obligatory “senior pictures” to commemorate their last year in school. Some people prefer to take all of them at once, but most people take some in each season in different locations to really capture their entire year.

Personally, I started taking pictures in June to cover every season. Seeing as summer isn’t quite over yet, now is your chance to snap a few last summer pictures for senior photos, so here are a few last few places to snap a few pictures!


1. Amusement Park – If you want to try taking pictures at Camden Park, go for it. However, if you’re already planning a trip to Dollywood or King’s Island, now’s your chance to snap a few fun, super cute pictures!

2. Beach – If your family is planning a trip to Virginia or Myrtle Beach before summer ends, take the chance to walk down to the pier or write some things in the sand to pose for some cute senior pictures!

3. Park – A great place to snap some pictures is definitely Barboursville or Pumpkin Park! Students use these places as backdrops every year for homecoming and prom, but senior pictures look fantastic in these places as well!

4. Scenic Overlook on a Road Trip – This one sounds a little funny, but when you’re travelling South on Route 23, there are small rest stops every 7 or 8 miles. They don’t include restrooms, but they have hiking trails or small memorials at all of them. These are the perfect places to snap a few photos of yourself to ensure you won’t have too many people in the background!