A Legend At The Castle

Aj Tolbert, Reporter

March 27, 2002 a legend was born, Chase Blower. Chase, a man of many hobbies, spends his time playing golf, bass, and Co-hosting The Basement Podcast with Buster and Blower. He is also a man of high academic achievement being an AP Scholar and is joining several academic teams his senior year. He plans to attend WVU for Electrical or Aerospace Engineering with the class of 2024.

As a child Chase became a very elite bowler and t-ball player. He enjoyed many different sports but in middle school he found a new liking in music. He joined guitar class with Mr.Akers and learned multiple instruments. He also became a runner for Barboursville Middle School and later for Cabell Midland High School. When his senior year came around, he switched to golf.