Certified Nurse Anesthetist


Whitney Herrera, Reporter

This career is something I want to pursue. Ever since I was little, helping those in need has been something I want to do. My mom specializes in health care and is currently a phlebotomist, taking blood and taking care of samples on lab stations. It intrigued me when I saw my mom perform on patients who were either crazy or sick. Most people that come in are under the influence of drugs and the ages have been younger which isn’t good.

A certified Nurse Anesthetist is a registered nurse trained to safely administer anesthesia. With specialized training in anesthesia, a nurse anesthetist can give anesthesia to a patient, monitor a patient’s vital signs during procedures, and adjust anesthesia as needed during a procedure. A nurse anesthetist also performs all the duties of a nurse, including getting needed information about the patient and helping to manage their health. This sounds insane but it is what I want to do. I’m already in clinicals at CMHS to help give me a boost to go further in the medicine world.

The salary is over $160,000 per year, but can vary on where you live. Some are in it for the money, I’m in it for the benefits of helping people, and I know I’m going to love what I do. I just can’t get over how happy I am to do this because I am sure this is what I want.

From wanting to be a lawyer to a CNA is a big jump. I hope I make it because it would mean a lot to see the smiles on people’s faces knowing they lived another day in this beautiful world. The schooling is worth it and it’s something I’m going to get used to. I want my mom to be proud and people to know you can be anything if you put time and effort into it. This goes for any career and for anyone who has an interest. CNA will be a tough one, but it will be worth it. The journey starts now, and maybe one day to whoever is reading this, I might be putting you to sleep one day for any medical reason so enjoy life and work for what you want. Some dreams do come true.