Morgan Nelson, Reporter

Everyone has to go into a nice and stable career in order to succeed in life. Careers like a certified nurse anesthetist, speech pathologist, or maybe even a forensic psychologist.

Certified Nurse Anesthetists are advanced practice nurses who safely provide more than forty million anesthetics for surgical, obstetrical, and trauma care each year in the United States.

“I want to be a nurse anesthetist because I want to help people. From seeing all that my mom does, it just makes me want to help and be there for people even more,” said senior Whitney Herrera. “I very much enjoy clinicals right now and cannot wait until we start going and visiting and helping out at a hospital.”

Speech pathologists work with people who have a variety of disorders, including the inability to produce sounds, speech rhythms, and any other problems that the patient might have involving speaking.

“I want to be a speech pathologist because I like to work with children and teach them, but I don’t want to be a school teacher due to the amount of kids,” said senior Meredith Mears.

Forensic Psychologists are people who specialize in suspect profiling, mental health, and criminal motives. Many forensic psychologists can work as consultants too, to evaluate jurors, accused criminals, and witnesses.

“I want to be a forensic psychologist because I love forensics and psychology,” said senior Elizabeth Simmons. “I am excited to venture on into the career once I graduate high school and enter college.”