Rating Genres


Morgan Nelson, Reporter

There are multiple music genres out there and people who may listen to different genres than their friends or family. Some genres are country, rap, and pop. If I could pick any genre to listen to for the rest of my life, I would definitely listen to country.

Country music is the best out of any other type or genre. I grew up listening to country and my entire family listens to country. I don’t like rap at all, but I do like some pop; not a lot, mainly the older songs.

Rap music is very popular and liked by a lot (more than country music, sadly) and there are more and more new artists coming into this music genre.

“I really like rap because of the beat, it pumps you up and it gets you in a good, upbeat mood,” said senior Whitney Herrera. “I don’t like country music because I think it’s boring, and pop is okay but not as good as rap. I would definitely listen to rap for the rest of my life rather than country.”

Pop is an extremely liked and favored genre of music; it is probably more liked than country (again, sadly). “I like pop music because I think that it’s fun to listen to, and totally relatable,” said senior Meredith Mears. “I am not a big fan of country music but I am a fan of rap.”