Fun Things to do in Fall

Maddy Price , Reporter

Fall is the best time to be in the cool weather and connected to nature. You can rake leaves and play in them or take in the beautiful scenery that we are blessed with in West Virginia.

When the leaves turn, it means perfect selfies for your timeline. Hang out with your friends more this season and plan cute festival parties. That could range from a Harvest Party to even a Haunted Trail. Go all out with crazy decorations for this spooky season.

With school, it can be hard to make time for your family while crunching for a test. Make it a point to be with your loved ones just before the holidays. You could go on picnics at a local park, go to a corn maze, watch scary movies, or carve your favorite characters in pumpkin form. I highly recommended binge watching the Scream movies on Netflix in your free time.

Remember, fall only lasts 89 days, so make the most out of it!