Students and Teachers Help Save Lives Through School Blood Drive


Alannah Stone

Junior Austin Bowen decided to go through the process of donating blood to the Red Cross, which consisted of filling out paper work, answering a set of questions from a nurse and actually giving the blood.

Alannah Stone , Assistant Editor

From volunteering for school events to donating during the holidays, the staff and student body of Cabell Midland are always looking for ways to help. One way they have recently achieved this is through a blood drive hosted by the American Red Cross.

“We have a blood drive every year through the American Red Cross,” said Health Science Academy advisor Lisa Templeton. “We usually put it on one time a year, but this year we are going to try to put on two because the need for blood is so great in our area.”

A lot of preparation goes into the annual event, including work from students and teachers alike.

“The big part is basically just getting people signed up,” said Templeton. “We have our students go down and set up tables at lunch time and try to get students to sign up for the blood drive. We have goals that are based on the previous years; we came really close to our goal this year. It does take a lot of work. It’s not just getting people signed up, but getting everything ready, ordered, set up and making sure everything goes off smoothly. Not to mention the students volunteering and working the blood drive that day, as well.”

For Health Science Academy students, the blood drive provided a larger opportunity for them than just giving a donation.

“We have a certain required amount of students we have to get, and teachers are doing it as well, in order to get scholarships,” said senior Kinsleigh Smith. “Aside from raising blood, that’s also big part of the blood drive.”

In the perspective of the students who donated blood, the reason for doing so was simple, according to senior Paiton Dean.

“I wanted to give blood because I wanted to save some lives,” said Dean. “Each pint of blood gives you the chance to save up to three lives.”

Among many various donation organizations that Midland participates in throughout the school year, the donations gathered from the blood drive can be seen as the most life saving for those who later receive it.

“A blood drive goes for a good cause, because there are a lot of people who actually die from being unable to receive blood transfusions and other people have different types of blood that are all important,” said Smith. “They are able to take a lot more from a person’s blood donation than they would think, like plasmas and other things similar to that which they can take out when people need it for health care purposes.”

Looking back on the blood drive, advisors Templeton and Tanya Call can agree this year has been a great success.

“At this recent blood drive we had 63 units of blood and our goal was 65,” said Templeton. “There were about 14 deferrals and there is a high deferral rate in high schools, so it was actually very good. There was a total of 88 sign ups. We came very close to our goal this year, so we are definitely pleased with it.”

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