The Life Of a Boss’s Daughter


Rachael Oxley, Reporter

Harper Lee Goldy is the daughter of a locally famous businessman, Joel Goldy. Joel started the dealership in 2013 and Harper says, “It’s also been interesting, especially with the commercials.”

Many people wonder what the inspiration is behind the notorious jingle. “It’s annoying but that’s what’s so great about it, you’re all getting psychologically played.” Harper says that her dad knows it’s awful and that the inspiration came from one of their salesmen.

As the daughter of a dealership, Harper still has many responsibilities. “It low-key sucks. First of all, I run drink machines and I used to do filing, but got fired,” says Goldy.

When asked about the reason of her termination Harper told of her frustration. Goldy stated, “He woke me up at six in the morning in summer just to come do filing, which no one else thought was reasonable, so I had my mom pick me up.”

When a parent has a flourishing business, you have to wonder if their daughter is going to take over the golden throne. When asked on the subject Harper said, “Last resort honestly, plus my sisters could too, but he’ll probably just sell it.”

In conclusion, the life of a boss’s daughter can be stressful, but is worth it in the end.