California Woman Swallows Engagement Ring

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

A woman in California woke in the emergency room after previously swallowing her engagement ring during sleep September 16. Jenna Evans found herself in the emergency room confused the next morning. The woman claims she was dreaming of running from “bad guys,” and her husband urged her to swallow the ring to protect it. Little did she know, she had actually swallowed the ring! The woman claims from interviews (via CNN) that she figured she dreamt the whole incident, and went back to sleep. The woman called her mom and had a long laugh before asking if it were common to swallow engagement rings. Evans had to have a procedure to remove the ring, and before felt slight pain in her stomach.

Many people worry about swallowing or eating spiders during sleep, but for others sleep paralysis can induce a new level of fear. There have been previous cases of individuals swallowing items during sleep paralysis. Some people have experienced terrors of ingesting small objects during the night, but awake in horror of the reality that it was all a dream. This was thankfully not the case with Evans, but you do not hear of frequent ingestions at night.

Evans was able to recover from her procedure, and her husband ironically gave her the ring for a second time. The families laughed the situation off, and continued on with their plans. Whether it is an accident, or you devastatingly have problems at night, having a positive outcome is most important.