West Virginia Schools: On The Same Team

Whitney Herrera, Reporter

For once, county’s from all over have come together as one for something beyond heartbreaking: for the death of Alex Miller, from Roane county, whose heart gave up on him while on the field. This was unexpected for us all. To honor this student, schools wore maroon or silver, his school’s colors, on Tuesday, September 17, 2019. It was amazing to see all who took part to wearing this in grievance.

Medical staff are looking into what caused his death and still we all need answers to the death of this young teen. A great football player, losing his life while playing what he loved, the team lost a valuable member, whom I don’t know well but people loved him. You would think schools are always competing, which they do in hatred because they are stuck up. In this case, all the schools in West Virginia are on the same team. As a whole. Hundreds of people just cannot believe this and we all want the best for his family.

People are currently giving donations, raising thousands of dollars for this young man and his family. With an unknown death, God took this in his own hands. We have to learn to accept what happened and pray for those who are in sports that can injure or kill. This was an accident and no one will know if he caused it to himself or a natural cause. So, as of today, it’s time to take a few moments to honor this boy, to never forget this day, and to keep it at heart. Fly high, Alex Miller, and many prayers. He will be dearly missed by all.