Archery Season


Jonathan Clemins

Presenting the new quivers to coach Jonathan Clemins with Elizabeth Simmons & Mckenna Nixon

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

The new archery season starts today, September 17th, directly after school. The first few practices are specifically for returning archers.

For those of you that do not know, the team destroyed the quivers from last year so Elizabeth Simmons and I could make new ones. We did this for our Passion Project for Distinguished Scholars. Elizabeth and I delivered the new quivers to coach Jonathan Clemins last night and he was ecstatic to see them.

This season is starting off with only the returners because they have a tournament two weeks after practice starts and the first official tournament with everyone will occur later on in the season after all of the new archers have started practice.

“I cannot wait to go to tournaments,” said junior, Grayson Bess, “and hang out with the team.”

When we found out about this project we needed to do, the first thing Elizabeth and I wanted to do was help the team. The team’s quivers have not been in the greatest condition for the past few years, so we decided to make brand new ones.

“This project took about a month”, said senior Elizabeth Simmons, “after 2 solid weeks of planning.”

I am proud to have been a part of this project and I am excited about the first practice today. I am proud of our hard work to get the quivers finished before the season started and I am glad Jonathan Clemins enjoyed them as much as we did.