Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Maddy Price , Reporter

This Halloween, make sure you know the latest trends for the best costume aesthetic.

A good Halloween costume for ladies this year is to be Cher from Clueless. The most crucial part of the Cher look is to have a blonde wig with the iconic plaid yellow skirt and jacket.

If you are looking for an easy costume to do with a group: Thing 1, 2, and 3 is for you. All you need is a red shirt, white cut fabric, and a sharpie that you will use to put which number you are.

Another fun costume is to be an ice cream cone. Wear a tank top, place multi-colored stickers that will represent the sprinkles, and have a tutu as an added feature to tie everything off perfectly.

The last costume is to die for: being a character from Gossip Girl. Make sure you have a blazer of any color with a plaid schoolgirl skirt. The last must have for this costume is a long tie hanging down the blouse.

If you use one of these costume ideas you will be sure to be the best dressed during Halloween!