Homecoming Tips for New-Comers


Jessica Kidd

Homecoming Pictures from 2018

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

Homecoming is only a few weeks away and it’s time to get things ready for a magical night! Students of all ages come to get together and have a great time. However, as years progress, we all learn a few things about how to save the most money on homecoming.

Dresses: Girls’ dresses often cost up to $400 or $500 when purchased new in stores, but if you purchase your dress second-hand at a thrift shop or from a previous student, it can cost as little as 99 cents! Personally, I’ve gotten my homecoming dresses at Goodwill every year and I’ve spent a grand total of $10 on all three of them.

Purses: Many people don’t like taking purses into the dance for fear of losing them. What I’ve done in the past is carry a small hand-purse that can stay around my wrist or a crossbody purse. This way, you don’t worry about your money or phone getting lost and you won’t really have anything to keep track of other than your shoes.

Shoes: Shoes can sometimes cost up to $50 for these dances and you’ll end up throwing them off about ten minutes after you arrive at the school. Your best idea is to either get a used pair or go to Gabe’s and buy a pair for $10. They’re only used for pictures, walking in and out of dinner, and walking into the school that night. The rest of the evening the shoes are unnecessary.

Dinner: Most places won’t take reservations ahead of time, but they will accept calls at least an hour before you’re expected to arrive. If you plan on going somewhere with a group, you’ll need to call ahead to ensure you’ll have a table. Some places might even limit you to only 6 people in a group, so be sure to check everything out first. Many people only focus on going to “fancy” restaurants such as Outback, Shogun, Fratelli’s, Texas Roadhouse, etc. However, many other places like Steak N’ Shake, Fat Patty’s, and Highway 55 are not only fantastic places to have dinner, they’re cheaper, faster, and much cuter places to take pictures of you and your friends goofing off.

Pictures: Many people spend hours taking pictures with their friends and dates and they get hot, sweaty, and bored halfway through, faking smiles and wishing they could be anywhere else in the world. What I’ve done in the past is get my hair and makeup done, take some solo pictures early in the day, meet my friends, then meet my date. This way, I have some pictures of myself, me with my besties, and my with my date for the evening. If you don’t have a date to meet up with, then you can push back the times from a standard 5:00 to around 6:00. This way you have time to get to dinner and still get a few cute pictures with your friends.

Tickets: Tickets go on sale about a week before the dance during lunch. They cost $25 and you simply go to the school store to purchase one. If you have a date that’s going to pay for your ticket, they may need your student ID number to purchase the ticket, or at least your first and last name and grade. If you’re purchasing your own ticket, it’s much more fun to purchase with your friends by your side!

Friend Group: The friends you take pictures with are often the group you spend the rest of your evening with. This means you should choose specifically the people you want to spend your evening with. I keep my group to my closest friends and a date, but I bump into other people I know all night long.

Afterparty: Most people host an afterparty after prom, but some people go all out and have one after homecoming! I’ve personally never taken part in this before, but my friends and I decided this was the year to have some crazy experiences. We’ve arranged for a bowling party after the dance and we all plan on hanging out, but other people might have a sleepover or go roller skating.

Hair and Makeup: Appointments are typically made at least an hour before pictures are expected to begin. Most people go to salons to get everything done, but I’ve always had a close friend or adult do my hair and makeup for me. This year will be my first (and likely last) time going to a salon for a homecoming dance.

I hope these tips make your homecoming planning a bit less stressful and easier to decide what you’re going to do for the day. Remember to save the date: October 12!