Barboursville Fall Fest

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Barboursville hosts a festival each year around the end of September to celebrate the beginning of fall. The Fall Fest Parade kicks off the festival itself. Local bands participate in live music at the parade with floats and candy. The band from Cabell Midland brings the whole deal: the marching band including color guard, the band members, and cheer leaders as well!

Once the Fall Fest actually begins, the town of Barboursville lights up at night to enjoy leisure time at the festival. Live music, carnival rides, a car show, and more are advertised. Upon arrival you can smell the deep fried Oreos and corndogs. The car show exhibits old cars for judging, more of an entertainment value event. Carnival rides such as a ferris wheel and merry-go-rounds are set up for daring children and teenagers. Homemade crafts and knick-knacks are offered for purchase and are often creative for small town objects. There are also carnival games that allow you to win a prize. Many students from Cabell Midland enjoy taking part in this festival each year or attending, and many look forward to it.

When it comes to entertainment and excitement, one student agrees that the festival fulfills their expectations. “The best part of the festival was being around friends and seeing aquaintances,” said junior Heidy Taylor. Taylor also enjoyed the “tasteful food that was perfect for snacks” and her opinion on the games suggested, “they kept you interested and made you want to play more.”

Going to festivals and socializing with the community can always be a positive experience. Next year make sure to stop by the Fall Fest, and spend some time embracing the company of others.