Why 2k20 is the Worst 2k of All Time


Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

2K is a virtual pixelated basketball game and many people play it. Most people that play this game grind for many hours a day. Every year, they come out with a new game and it’s supposed to be better every year. Until this year.

This year, 2k is the worst it’s ever been. Having a 3.8/10 on Gamestop rating and a 2/10 on Steam. After last year having a pretty decent game, they fired back with a game that is a waste of time for people and their money.

This is a disgrace to the 2k community and what it’s about. This game should be a top game every year getting 10/10 and great ratings, but we’re stuck with a game that I have to reload 3 times just to get on. We can only hope next year’s will be better.