Jostens Visits the School

Hannah Tomes, Editor

On Tuesday representatives from Jostens visited Cabell Midland to talk to seniors and sophomores.

For seniors it’s time to start thinking about and preparing for graduation, even if it still seems like it’s far away. Jostens offers a variety of deals with caps and gowns, but one thing most people can agree is similar with all of them is that they’re not cheap.

“I think the caps and gowns should definitely be cheaper if we’re being forced to buy them,” said senior Bridget Rajarajan. “Some people can’t afford stuff like that, they just want to get their diploma and get out of there!”

Not only does Jostens sell caps and gowns, they also have announcement cards, clothing, jewelry, and more items to choose from. Some people want something that they can hold onto for the rest of their life to remember their senior year and all the good times they had, while others might prefer to leave it in the past. What many people don’t know is that there are other, cheaper alternatives to buying custom school related things.

“I don’t think the class rings are worth it because some of them are up to $400,” said Rajarajan. “The clothes are okay, but you can get custom made ones much cheaper from somewhere else.”

Whether you’re a senior getting ready for graduation or a sophomore who still has more time to think about it, make sure you choose wisely when deciding what to order from Jostens, because although the memories might be free, the souvenirs are far from it!