5 Signs Your Parent is Crazy

Whitney Herrera, Reporter

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Oh, yes, we all have a crazy mother or father that stays on their child’s shoulder 24/7. The crazy scale can go from not crazy at all to insanely crazy. We love our parents, but it’s hard for a crazy person to show it to their child because of their craziness. Here are 5 signs your parent might be crazy!

  1. They won’t let you breathe. They are always in your face or space, curious about what you’re doing and wanting to be around you without giving you a breather. Parents like this are just crazy. I mean, if we did something like that to them, they would feel the same way and would assume their child is crazy.
  2. They nitpick your friends. Okay, having a parent that describes how your friends look and calls them names thinking it’s funny has some issues. They should accept them for who they are and keep it to themselves.
  3. They throw objects at you for no reason. I have that problem but I always throw it back. I would consider that abuse for throwing toys at your child for no reason.
  4. They try to run you over. Okay, that’s extreme, never would I have thought it, but apparently it happens. All I have to say about this is good luck and don’t die.
  5. They pretend to be you. That is straight up impersonation. Yeah, you’re a little version of your parent, but they can’t be you.

We all love our parents, and they love us, but some can be crazy. Just watch for these signs, and if you have any concerns about your parent, tell your other parent; hopefully they believe you.

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