My Experiences


Whitney Herrera, Reporter

Personally, I’ve learned and witnessed valuable lessons that life throws at me. From losing friendships to crazy exes, life itself is a rollercoaster and we’re all going in loops. My advice to you all is to make good choices and take advice from anyone possible. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.

I recently ended a 6 month relationship. Why? Because obsession and the lack of trust were out of control. There are only so many mistakes a human can take and it’s not good for someone to be depressed and dwell on things that aren’t their fault. I chose what nobody wanted me to choose and it lead me to a cost. I was afraid of losing those who cared because of someone who lies right in front of my face for me to feel pity. That’s why what’s done is done and I know the red flags. Single life is where it’s at, believe me.

Another thing is losing friendships. Yes, you can make new ones, but having to accept the fact that they’re gone hurts. Memories down the drain but forever cherished. That’s the whole point of life. Learn from lessons, and think from experiences.

I never knew life would be stressful, but it’s the way things are. The friends I have now are greater than words can explain and I’m forever grateful to have them. They’re unlike others who have switched on me because of false rumors, and I can’t make someone like me. It’s not my fault they refuse. What can I do? Learn to leave it as it is because there is no forcing people to stay; the door is wide open, feel free to take a beverage on the way out. That’s what shapes me to be who I am. Forgive and forget, smile and be happy for what you already have. It will get better, people make mistakes and it is bound to happen again but we are in this time frame so make it count and live fully.

My experiences are worth learning from and everyone is different, but know who sticks by you through thick and thin and love the ones who love you. They are in your future, and they are the ones from whom you’ll receive the most love. Your friends and family.