Living with a Cheerleader


Rachael Oxley, Reporter

Harper Goldy’s little sister Ellie Goldy is a senior cheerleader at only twelve years old at AMP. She is reportedly the youngest one on her team, yet the flyer holds her weight.

“Ellie’s a cocky little human, everyone she cheers with thinks she’s this quiet little midget,” said Goldy. Although small, Ellie’s skills make up for her size. She first started cheering late in fifth grade, but quickly started gaining skills and noticing a natural talent.

When asked if Ellie would cheer for school, Goldy quickly declined. “They drop girls all the time, at least the middle school does, they’re just not good,” said Goldy.

Right now, Ellie is focusing on getting ready for a season of competition cheer. “We hear the funniest side conversations and see all these baby twenty year olds all over the place,” said Goldy. Cheer seems to keep Ellie and her family very busy, yet very entertained.