Spirit Week

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Homecoming is a week away and as usual Cabell Midland is having their annual spirit week next week, October 7-11. Each day has its own theme that the school hopes to see many students and teachers participate in.

The schedule includes:

Monday: Tacky Tourist day- on this day students and teachers normally wear Hawaiian t-shirts, fanny packs, and/or cameras. This is a fun day to see people dressed as if they just got back from vacation.

Tuesday: Twin/Duo day- many students will twin with their best friends, teachers will twin with each other, and even some students will twin with their teachers. Getting twin day planned out is fun and you get to match with someone of your choosing for a day.

Wednesday: Decade day- this is the day when you can dress up from any decade, the 80s, 70s, or even the roaring 20s. You can choose your favorite decade, or a decade that had the best sense of style and dress up like you went into a time machine.

Thursday: Color day- this day is when we do medieval games and we all dress up in our class colors: freshmen black, sophomores white, juniors grey, and seniors red. Students and staff show their school spirit and cheer on those participating in medieval games.

Friday: Red Out/Jersey day- when students and staff wear red or a jersey to cheer on the football players later that night and show school spirit.

Finally, Saturday will be the homecoming dance, this is an opportunity for students to go and hang out with their friends for most of the day and to have fun at the dance later that night from 8-11.