Mere’s Motivation (October Edition)


Meredith Mears , Reporter

It’s finally October, which means it is almost time for Halloween. What October also means is that we are one month closer to the end of the year. When I hear that we are closer to the new year, I begin to stress out. When I stress out, I begin to look for shortcuts, and, in some situations, shortcuts are not the intended use.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

In my life, I try to use shortcuts way too often and it leads to failure or even bad places. One way in particular is the ACT/SAT. I find myself trying to take shortcuts when it comes to studying for it. I always have a set plan for what I want to study on a particular day. When it comes time to actually study, I fail or I end up doing half of the work I was supposed to do. Then I wonder why I am not getting the score I want on the test. I am starting to realize that achieving the scores I want means putting in time and I am going to have to take the long road. Putting the time and effort in now is going to save me money and will be worth the wait. I just have to want it.

Another situation in my life that shortcuts are not intended for is what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a speech pathologist and to be honest, I am afraid. I am afraid of failure and that’s when I start looking for shortcuts. I am afraid that the classes are going to be too hard or maybe I am not fit for this job. When shortcuts come to mind, that’s when my lack of effort comes in, too. I know I have to have my heart in the right place and that is when I am able to go places. I have to tell myself I am worth it and that I’ve got this.

To anyone out there who is looking for shortcuts just like me, you are not alone. We all have had times where our motivation wasn’t there and shortcuts sounded like the best thing. Remember that hard work is meant to be hard. Success doesn’t come easy. So always try your best, put some effort in, and you will start to see some amazing results.  Shortcuts are only good for Mario Kart racing games.