Urban Legends in WV

Hannah Tomes, Editor

October is a popular month for sharing scary stories and there are plenty of them that originate right here in West Virginia. Here are five of the creepiest urban legends that come from our home state.

1. The Mothman

This is probably one of the most well-known urban legends around the world. It all started in 1966 when newspapers in Point Pleasant reported sightings of the strange, man-like creature who had huge wings and glowing red eyes. No one knows for sure whether the mythological creature is real or not, but there are rumors that it tends to show up when bad things are about to happen, like the Silver Bridge disaster of 1967.

2. The Flatwoods Monster

This creature was first spotted in 1952 in Braxton County and was believed to be an alien. Witnesses reported seeing bright lights in the sky and a large object flying past. Once it was seen, it ran off into the woods and the people who stumbled upon it that night were reported to have strange symptoms afterwards, including vomiting and even convulsions.

3. Screaming Jenny

This story isn’t as popular as some of the others but it tells of a woman named Jenny who was burned alive after the campfire she was sitting next to got out of control one night. She ran onto the nearby railroad tracks where a passing train hit her. The legend says if you’re ever near the railroad tracks in Harpers Ferry at night, you can see a woman who’s on fire running towards you and hear her screams.

4. The Snarly Yow

This creature has supposedly roamed the mountains of Harpers Ferry since the 1700s. It appears to be similar to a large wolf and people tend to encounter it on the roads at night. Many claimed to have run it over with their car or even shot it before, but somehow it always survives and escapes.

5. The White Thing

It’s the size of a bear but looks more like a dog and it’s been most frequently spotted around the Cross Lanes area. It’s also described as having large fangs, horns like a goat, and a long tail. There have been no reports of it actually interacting with anyone, it’s usually just seen running around by the riverbank or the woods.