Ocean Life


Whitney Herrera, Reporter

The ocean is a beautiful place to see and to catch a wave. The warm air with sandy beaches and cold, open waters filled with life is not only the best place to be at but to relax. Every day millions of people go relax on beaches and build sand castles or collect seashells. But most people go far out and sail across the sea.

Ocean life is beyond wonderful, from the biggest whale to the smallest shrimp. There are animals with different shapes and sizes, the most common being fish. With over 1000 species, it’s no wonder the ocean holds a lot. Underneath you have the colorful coral reefs, the darkest trenches at the bottom of the ocean where it’s dark, with species that haven’t even been discovered living down there. There is a whole world out there that we love and admire, but need to take better care of.

We all love the turtles, the sharks, and the dolphins, so why ruin their environment with our trash? If we clean up and do what is right then it’s a happy place for everyone. Scuba diving is a popular thing to do, along with fishing. So many species of marine life are out there, every one of them unique. It is important to love our oceans and be thankful. If not, we could lose our precious oceans and it will be our fault. It is too beautiful to lose, especially during the sunsets as the light reflects on the water and changes color. That is something to love and cherish.

Ocean life is magnificent and it’s all about survival. As for the plants, they are just as living as we are. There are billions of types and more for us to discover. If people believe there are aliens on other planets, then there is no doubt there could be another world down deep on the ocean floor.