Homecoming Weekend

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

It’s Homecoming, everyone!

Thursday, October 10, was Medieval Games. Medieval Games is a tradition at the castle but this year we started a new tradition: the lip dub.

During Medieval Games, everyone had a blast whether they were participating or sitting in the bleachers, and the parade was phenomenal. Also, the seniors won the spirit sword for most points overall between spirit week’s dress ups, wins in medieval games, and being the best overall.

Last night, October 11, was Cabell Midland’s homecoming game against Princeton. We are still undefeated 7-0. We won with a total of 54-7 and we hope to keep this streak going. The next game is at Woodrow Wilson with a throwback theme.

We filmed our lip dub Thursday morning and at Medieval Games and yesterday it was edited and uploaded to YouTube. You can find it by looking up “CMHS Mass Comm”’and it’ll be the first one that pops up called “Cabell Midland High School Lip Dub 2019.” The student body and the staff were ecstatic to see the final product and enjoyed making it. I heard many great things about the lip dub including: “That went a lot better than I thought it would!” and “I really hope that turns out, great I loved it!” from anonymous sources, but I heard these from multiple people throughout the school day.

Today is the homecoming dance everyone looks forward to. Some people bring dates, but most go with a group of friends and enjoy it. Today may be some people’s first homecoming and some may be their last, either way it’s going to be a great homecoming with the theme “sail away.” Hope to see you there, and if I don’t I hope you have a good night!