10 Throwback Songs to Add to Your Playlist


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Meredith Mears, Reporter

I am someone who loves to listen to music. I am always listening to music, whether I am on my way to school, doing homework, or even just for the entertainment. Since I am always listening to music, I seem to get tired of the same old tunes. I am always looking for new songs to listen to or even a good throwback. If you are into pop songs then this list is for you. Feel free to add some of these songs to your playlist.

Stand Up- Jessie J 

Stand Up is an upbeat, positive song. This song can take you from a bad mood to a good mood in seconds. Stand Up is all about empowering others to reach for the stars. You will want to keep this song on repeat.

Miss Independent- Neyo

Miss Independent is a great song for women who just want to be independent. The song’s storyline is about a girl and a guy in a relationship. The guy is enjoying this relationship more than others because his girl is independent. She gets the job done without help. With lyrics like, “‘Cause she walk like a boss, talk like a boss, manicure nails just sent the pedicure off; she’s fly effortlessly” just goes to show you that there is female empowerment!

White Horse- Taylor Swift

I am a big fan of Taylor Swift and I am a bigger fan of the old Taylor. White Horse is a nice slow song. The song is about how life isn’t always what you think it’s going to be. This song is a reality check. Taylor was in a relationship that she thought was a fairytale and then the relationship ended. This song made its first debut on season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy, one of Swift’s favorite shows. She even named her cat Meredith because the main character’s name is Meredith.

I Saw The Sign- Ace Of Base 

This song is a major throwback. I originally found out about this song from Full House when Stephanie and Gia found a band. I Saw The Sign is an all around good song. This song can apply to so many situations. One that comes to mind is a relationship like seeing the signs to end a particular relationship.

Bug-A-Boo- Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child is known for singing creative diss songs and this one is no different. Bug-A-Boo is about a man who is obsessed with a woman. He is so obsessed that the woman is wanting to move, change emails, and cut the phone poll. She doesn’t want anything to do with him because he is bugging her. This is like the 90’s version of Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” song.

Let’s Get It Started- Black Eyed Peas 

This is a great song to pump you up for a sporting event or just to get you excited. As it turns out this is a radio edit of the orignal song they wrote. This song is all about getting crazy on the dance floor and letting loose. This song came out in 2003, but was re-released as “Let’s Get It Started”. I remember this song was in the movie “Kicking and Screaming”. Man, this song is a good throwback.

Daylight- Maroon 5 

Maroon 5 can write just about any song. This song is a nice, slowish song. It definitely has a comfy vibe to it and it’s just a sweet song. The music video is cute, too.

Out Of Touch- Hall & Oates 

Hall & Oates are where the classics are at. I love Hall & Oates and their music is amazing. If you are into oldies like me then you will love them. Out Of Touch reminds me of my parents with new trends and not keeping up with them. Hall & Oates claims this song is about not losing your soul.

A Drop In The Ocean- Ron Dope 

A Drop In The Ocean is a beautiful slow song that is about a guy who is wanting to be in a relationship with a girl. He has dreamed of being with this girl for a long time and now he is with her. In the song he talks how he was praying that they would end up together and he calls his girl his “heaven”.  This is a good song for couples and it’s a moving song. It may even make you cry tears of joy.

Stronger- Christina Aguilera 

This song is about how a girl overcame a bad situation. The girl becomes stronger due to how she had to overcome the situation. This song pumps you up as it takes you through the story. This song sure does bring out the emotion in both the singer and the listener.