First Experience at Homecoming

Hannah Tomes, Editor

Homecoming was this past weekend which means everyone got to dress their best and spend the evening partying with their friends. This year was the last chance for seniors to attend while they’re still in high school.

Senior Meredith Mears went to Homecoming for the first time this year with a group of her friends.

“My favorite thing about going to Homecoming was getting to dress up and have fun with my friends,” said Mears.

Many people go to the dance every year but for some it just isn’t their thing. Saving the experience for senior year can make it even more special and fun, especially if it’s spent with your closest friends. After all, senior year is a time for making memories and trying new things.

“One thing I wish had been different was the weather that evening. It was really cold while we were taking pictures, I wish it had been warmer,” said Mears.

Some popular spots for taking pictures are Barboursville Park and Ritter Park. Homecoming pictures are an important part of the whole experience and something you can look back on for years to come. Everyone’s first time at Homecoming is different, but hopefully one thing they all have in common is that they were fun in some way.

“The dance ended up being better than I expected. I thought everyone would be acting crazy and running around, but everything turned out okay,” said Mears.