Tips and Tricks For Halloween


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Enjoying Halloween is a tradition for Americans. Making sure children have the most fun possible also comes with the responsibility of being sure they are safe, warm, and anything else important to their health is taken care of.

Most children would not think about being warm while trick-or-treating. Parents or older siblings could suggest to wear layers under their costume. It is also important to focus on hands and feet, as those parts of the body usually get cold first. Multiple layers of socks and a pair of gloves would not be a bad idea.

While trick-or-treating, you would not want your child to get run over by a car, or disregarded by traffic. One way to prevent any devastating situations would be to attach one small reflective strip to your child’s back, the bag they’re collecting candy in, almost anything. It is even more important if you are sending your child out alone if they are of age; of course they need to look out for themselves, but sometimes extra preparation comes in handy.

If you have a very young child who goes candy strolling, you may want to double check their bag when you arrive home. Most of the time they will not have anything dangerous in their candy and this isn’t to discourage them from trick-or-treating. Sometimes there are a few unwrapped pieces or if your child tripped there could be dirt present. It never hurts to be a little safe.

Finally, if you are old enough to walk on your own, make sure you travel with a group of friends, or at least one other person. You would never want to be caught in a displeasing situation and it just makes the experience more fun.

Hopefully these facts and tips informed you, whether you’re a parent, have siblings, or are going out with friends. Remember to be safe and have as much fun as possible this Halloween season!