Ocean Myths and Legends Part #1


morgan nelson, staff reporter

There is an ocean ahead of us! The ocean is probably the most unexplored and mysterious place on the planet. There have been multiple myths and legends about the ocean from all over the word.

Some myths are about coastlines, the deep sea, pollutants, hot places, and unexpected changes in it like movement underneath which are along the lines of rocks and boulders moving. Coastlines are clear boundaries between land and sea is a myth about how where land ends and the sea begins. Which is can be considered false but can also be considered true because maybe some islands are connected to the earth itself but others are not and just float out in the middle of the ocean.

Another myth is about the deep sea is totally and completely dark. If lacks natural light from the sun but makes up for it with bioluminescent fish and bacteria and things. So depending on what your thoughts are they could potentially be wrong or right depending on how you like at it and define it.

An interesting myth that I found was that oceans are large enough to dilute pollutants safely. It would have been true a few decades ago but now things have multiplied if not tripled in everything even pollutants and pollution itself due to the amount of humans that are living so it is at this moment false.

Some people may think that the warmest place in/at the ocean are the tropics but it is in reality not and is false. Especially if they mean the surface which is clearly not but in the deeper part of the sea. Just like the unexpected changes that is happening in the ocean for example shifting temperatures, rising sea levels, and a declining marine life. Which of course is true and is thing that is occurring more and more as the global warming is getting worse.