Ocean’s Myths and Legends: Flying Dutchman


Morgan Nelson, Reporter

The ocean is probably the most unexplored and mysterious place on the planet. There are multiple myths and legends about the ocean from all around the world.

Some legends are about boats, sunken cities, and other things that can be quite interesting. One legend is the Flying Dutchman.

“I think that the Flying Dutchman is one hundred percent fake. There might have been a ship at one time named that, but no, I don’t think it is real and it reminds me of that one SpongeBob episode,” said senior Whitney Herrera. “Besides boat legends I believe that there are Megalodons still out there, swimming among us.”

There’s another legend about a burning boat, which appears and disappears right before those who see it. There have been multiple sightings of this ship as far back as 1786 and there is no history on it but those who have seen it have noticed the crew climbing up and away from the blazing area. The last known and reported sighting of the vessel was in 2008.

There have been sea sculptures created for the amusement of divers and people everywhere which can lead to questions about how they got them down into the deep blue, how long it took to set them up, and especially how those which have been down there for decades, if not centuries, have not become ruined by the vast water exposure. These all play factors into how things stay preserved for the most part and with all of the legends and myths that are out there. What are their origins?