King’s Island Losing Another Classic Coaster

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

King’s Island is a popular tourist destination for many Midland students in the summertime for a weekend trip. However, it also hosts its own Halloween Haunt and Winterfest for anyone daring enough to arrive.

This year, at the end of the Haunt, the Island is retiring a fan-favorite coaster for ages. 33 years ago, a record-breaking coaster was introduced, including 5 inversions (“loops”) and its notable blue and yellow steel colors. On October 27, our beloved coaster is being removed.

The Vortex is a bumpy ride for most, including the inversions and a track that jerks you every possible direction, but every moment is a thrill with an adrenaline rush. People adore this ride, but King’s Island is retiring it. Why?

Officials claim that most rides only stay in the park for about 20-30 years and The Vortex ahs simply reached the “end of its service life.” although this may not be a good excuse for those that still adore the thrill ride, we must continue on and pay our last visits to the Vortex within its final of 46 million rides. Be sure to get your tickets for a trip before October 27!