The Impact Music Has on People


Jeffrey Jezewski , Reporter

There are many different types of music that people like and enjoy to listen to. There are many reasons why people listen to these types of music and artist.

Let’s take rap for instance, and the rapper Eminem. His music has changed lives and inspired many with the words he spits. His music makes people want to change their life and make their life better. Music can change your life.

Country is love music. Luke Bryan is a country singer and makes many songs about people he loves. Music can give you a way to show your feelings.

Pop music is a way for people to be excited and get them in the mood. Like a football player would listen to a song that will get him into the mood of hitting someone and a competitive state of mind that you need to be in for your game. Music can change your mood to prepare you for something that you are doing.

Music changes you in many ways and helps you through life. Music might be the greatest thing for humans.