Top 5 King’s Island Rides

Top 5 Kings Island Rides

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

King’s Island is closing for the season next Sunday, October 27, and, along with it, the Vortex will be sending off its final rides. Most students at Midland claim they’ve been to King’s Island once or twice before, and they each have their own favorite coaster to ride. In no particular order, here are 5 of Midland’s favorite rides at King’s Island:

  1. Banshee – built in the former location of the wooden coaster, Son of Beast, the Banshee is a steel coaster with multiple inversions and over 4,000 feet of track. Riders’ feet dangle as they’re sent upside down in every direction but back, and the ride is only 5 year old! The lines get so long for this ride, riders aren’t allowed to bring bags with them because it stalls the ride too long! Many students at Midland, especially the seniors, adore this ride because of how smooth it is and how fast it goes – 68 mph!
  2. Diamondback – this ride opened in April of 2009, making it about ten years old now! With the first drop rounding off at a total of 215 feet, the thrill doesn’t stop after this point.  there are no inversions in this coaster, but it takes you all across the park, and across a pond, where the water splashes across the back of the train and sends a mist across the surrounding area. Riders love this coaster because of how smooth it is! Riders of all ages adore this three-minute ride; including many sophomores, juniors, and seniors!
  3. The Beast – celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the Beast is an iconic trip for anyone that’s been to King’s Island! It lasts a total of 4 minutes and there are three tunnels riders travel into. The Beast travels at a speed of nearly 65 mph and sends you through countless twists and turns.
  4. Mystic Timbers – this ride was released in April of 2017, making it the newest ride in the park to date. the odd part? It’s a wooden coaster. Yes, you read that correctly. The newest ride in the entire park today is a wooden coaster. It features a drop of 98 feet and travels back through the back edge of the park. The end of the ride features a projection screen to see one of three possibilities “in the shed,” resulting in either a tree, bats, or spiders. It changes periodically, so you never really know which option you’ll end up with.
  5. Flight of Fear – the only ride in the park that’s indoors also doubles with an intergalactic theme. Opening in 1996, the ride is still constantly packed and includes 4 inversions. Riders are launched into the enclosed track at a speed of 54 mph.