What You Should Know Before Joining the Army


Amber Mount, Reporter

  1. Basic Qualifications- To join the army you must be a U.S. citizen who is between ages 17 and 34 holding a high school diploma or GED. (It is possible to apply if you are a current high school senior). You must also have a passing ASVAB score and pass the physical portion of military entry.
  2. What’s the ASVAB? ASVAB stands for Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery. Think of it as the ACT of the military; the test in order to enlist. It scores from a 0-99 percentile and the minimum score requirement to enlist is a 31.
  3. Boot Camp- Boot Camp is ten weeks long with the first week being inprocessing, eye exams, shots, and uniform sizing. Basic training officially starts once the first week is over, taking nine weeks. Basic training is broken into three phases: red, white, and blue. Each phase is three weeks long and is more difficult as you progress. Good news is that basic training is designed to get you to pass. The sole purpose is to get you where you need to be.
  4. How to Prepare for Boot Camp- Future soldier training meetings every Thursday are put in place to help you. In the meetings, there is physical training, rockmarching, and officers who will prep you for what basic training will be like. On your own time, it is encouraged to start running and walking. Cardio is key!
  5. Basic Incentives to Join- You can get up to 100 percent tuition paid for. Bonuses are available and will pay past, present, and future loans. One big incentive about being in the Army Reserve is that it will keep you home. It will let you go to school full time and be part time soldier.
  6. What is the Army Reserve? – The Army Reserve is the army’s pool of extra resources and personnel. It is designed to help pay for school, let you serve part time, and keep you home. Every army reserve soldier must do basic training and must go to their job training, once that’s done, you are to back home enrolled in college. Throughout the six year contract, you are doing training weekends once every month. Outside of that training, you are living your life however you want to.


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