18 Random Facts About Me: Birthday Edition


Meredith Mears , Reporter

This Friday is my birthday and I will be turning 18 years old. This technically means I will be an adult, even though I don’t feel like one. Since it is my birthday, I wanted to let others know more about me. Here are 18 random facts about me since I will be turning 18 this week!

Old Navy Is My Favorite Clothing Store-

Old Navy is my favorite place to shop. I always walk out with something new when I go in there. I even know when someone is wearing something from Old Navy.  I always find the best deals in there. Sometimes I even like to go to the clearance section and try to find the cheapest item like it’s a game. One time I got a shirt for 49 cents and it was really cute. I am wearing an Old Navy sweatshirt while typing this.

I Am Afraid Of Driving- 

I don’t know why, but I have always been terrified of riding in a car and car accidents. I am just starting to learn how to drive, too. My fear is getting better. I was so afraid to start driving; I have had my permit for two years and I have a month to get my license so wish me luck!

My Favorite Color Is Purple-

I have always loved the color purple. Just about anything that comes in purple, I probably own it.

My Hair Is Naturally Curly-

My hair has always been really curly and people always ask me if it’s natural. I like having curly hair, but sometimes it can be hard to tame.

I Have Lived In WV My Whole Life-

I have been blessed to live in WV my entire life and I don’t have any intentions of leaving. I have even lived in the same house since the day I was born!

I Play Tennis-

I grew up playing tennis since the age of two. I used to play competitively, but now I play for fun. My favorite style of tennis is doubles. I love to play the net since I am tall and I can just smack down on the ball.

I Love To Wear Dresses-

I will always prefer to wear a dress over a t-shirt and jeans. I have always been a girly girl and I haven’t lost that aspect of myself yet!

I Am A Bad Test Taker-

I hate taking tests. I always stress out and overthink on tests. I especially hate timed tests.

I Have A Close Relationship With My Mom-

I have always been close with my mom and I love her so much. We are always doing fun things together and she also taught me how to play tennis.

I Am A Picky Eater-

I only eat a handful of foods. I am just afraid of getting sick and I don’t like the taste of some foods. I am trying new foods gradually, but I definitely will be sticking to my Taco Bell.

My Name Was Supposed To Be Caroline-

I love the name Caroline, it seems more fitting to me than Meredith. Over the years I have grown to like my name. I am thankful that my parents gave me a less common name. I also like that my name is on Grey’s Anatomy.

I Am A Crafty Person- 

I love to do arts and crafts. They may not always end up like I expected, but I can make a good knot tie blanket anytime.

I Got New Glasses And A Haircut-

I recently got a haircut and I went back to my short hairstyle like I had throughout elementary school. Short hair is definitely easier to maintain. I started wearing glasses last year and for my first pair, I went a little wild. I picked a pair with black frames and purple sides. I loved them, but I was ready for a change. My new glasses are brown marble and I love them.

I Love Organization- 

I have always been the type to organize and I love structure. I am not the type to go and start fixing others’ messes. I just like to stay organized in the places that I can control.

I Have Always Wanted To Learn Sign Language-

Sign language has always seemed so cool to learn. I also think it would be a useful language to learn. I hope one day I can pick it up. I could have taken it in high school, but I was too afraid of failing.

My Favorite Animal Is A Sloth-

I don’t know why, but sloths are so cute to me. I think they look so cuddly. They are lazy just like me.

I Love Kids- 

I have always had a heart for kids. They are so much fun and they always say the craziest things. I work for a church and I watch the nursery kids. I always have fun when I am with the kids.

Dance Moms Is One Of My Favorite Shows- 

I have been watching Dance Moms since fourth grade. I think the show is very interesting. My favorite dancer on the show was Chloe.