Top Ten Halloween Group Costumes


Image: Reddit

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Everyone enjoys having fun with groups of people during an event. Going in groups anywhere is safer, more exciting, and makes it possible for everyone to have fun as well. During Halloween everyone wants to dress in a cool costume, but sometimes finding group costumes are challenging. Some of the trendiest, easy, and fun group costumes include:

• Wirt, Greg, Beast (Over the Garden Wall)

• Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon)

• Mob and Reigen (Mob Psycho)

• Mario Kart Characters

• Mortal Kombat Characters

• Power Rangers (wow the nostalgia!)

• 90’s Rappers (or any rappers, for that matter)

Bob’s Burgers Family

• Beanie Babies/ TY Plushies

• Codename: the Kids Next Door

Hopefully these costume ideas inspired you to choose one or research more on interesting costumes. Remember to stay warm, and safe on Halloween this year!