Kings Island


Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Kings Island is an amusement park in Mason, Ohio. Here recently, October of 2018, a roller coaster called Firehawk was permanently shut down and taken out of commission. This roller coaster is now dismantled and a new coaster, a giga coaster, is taking its place in Kings Island and is in the process of being built. This giga coaster’s name is Orion and will be open and ready for riders in the spring of 2020.

Now that it has been a year since Firehawk shut down, the Vortex too just gave its last ride this past weekend, October 27th. The Vortex has been at King’s Island for 33 years. According to a worker at King’s Island, the business that made Vortex is no longer a business and cannot build the pieces that could be replacements for the ride when it needs fixed.

So, because of this, Vortex has officially given its last ride, “I know of many people that will miss it,” said junior Grayson Bess, “but those who do not like inverted coasters will be glad to see it gone, like me”.

Even though these two rides will be missed, they are making room for the new Orion coming Spring of 2020 and there are many excited people ready to be the first riders.