Album Review “Willow”

Album Review Willow

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

During the summer of 2019, Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith, released an EP. The EP, “Willow”, includes eight tracks and features including Willow’s brother Jaden. Her music style explores the genres of Alternative, R&B, and Electronic. Willow explores her creativity within each track, producing different outcomes for each. She even plays her own ukulele in the songs.

Willow and Jaden have their own creative style of “meshing” songs together so the whole album sounds like one large song. The album consists of the songs: “Like A Bird”, “Female Energy, Part 2”, “Time Machine”, “PrettyGirlz”, “Samo is Now”, “then (interlude)”, “U KNOW”, and “Overthinking IT”.

The first song, “Like A Bird”, introduces the album with Willow’s vocals and creates the atmosphere of the EP. Willow enjoys adding many layered voice-overs in her music to create an eerie, yet beautiful feeling. After the interlude of the EP, “U KNOW” featuring Jaden is next. This song is unique in itself because of the change in tempo, added electronic beats, and Jaden’s rap contrasting Willow’s vocals.

Each song is almost three minutes, aside from her outro “Overthinking IT”. On this track, Willow explores mental health and setting aside relaxation time for yourself. Each song on her album is breathtaking in its own way. If you enjoy experimenting with music and listening to different genres, you would definitely like this style.

Venturing into unknown interests can be exciting. From personal experience, this is extremely fun and pays off later. This EP would earn at least an eight out of ten from my own scale. If you enjoy R&B/Alternative music, you should check this EP out.