Halloween Canceled?

Hannah Tomes, Editor

It’s Halloween and everyone’s talking about the rain and thunderstorms that are supposed to hit our region later tonight.

Trick or treat is a big deal for kids all over the country and everyone loves getting free candy. This year things might be a little different because rumors have been going around about trick or treat getting canceled or rescheduled. Some people agree with this change while others aren’t so happy.

“I think it’s a great idea to change trick or treat because of the rain,” said special ed teacher Megan Lindsey. “There’s a greater risk for people falling and getting into wrecks.”

As of right now trick or treat for Cabell County has been postponed to this Saturday, November 2, according to WSAZ’s official website. However, some are saying Saturday could bring rain as well, so no one really knows what to expect. Many people would rather have trick or treat on Halloween night like it usually is because the rain might not end up being so bad. Others don’t care as much as long as the kids stay safe and have fun.

“I believe it doesn’t really matter what day you have trick or treat. The memories you make will be what lasts,” said Lindsey.

No matter what tonight brings, everyone have a happy Halloween!