November Horoscopes

Maddy Price , Reporter

Taurus – There will be a lot of changes and it will be a stressful month. Make sure you set aside time to relax.

Gemini – This month is all about improving relationships and forming new ones. Make sure to tell people how you really feel!

Cancer – Last month for you was hectic, so this month is your time to slow down. You need to remember to keep your mental health a priority and not something to forget about.

Leo – Leos are radiating with positivity this month! Joy will fill you and everyone you come in contact with.

Virgo – This month is all about healing and doing what’s best for you. Getting the toxins out of your life is what is best for you.

Libra – A new found love looks to be in the works. This will be what you have been waiting for all along!

Scorpio – A new opportunity will be arising, chose wisely.

Sagittarius – Someone close to you will cause you to rethink everything. Try to be level headed as you go through this conflict.

Capricorn – You will gain a new best friend this month who will influence you in great ways.

Aquarius – School work will be loading on this month as the semester comes to an end. Make sure you are giving your all to maintain a high GPA.

Pisces – This month will bring what you have been seeking. Be patient to see what is in the works.

Aries –